Telephone Will Instructions Service

All the advice and guidance you need made easy in five stages

How does it work?

  1. Call Will Solutions on 01202 659765 to agree a suitable date and time to personally give your instructions. You will be given a unique reference to enable you to pay the fee.
  2. At the agreed date and time you will be telephoned, your instructions will be taken and any advice and guidance will be given.
  3. We will send you your Draft Will.
  4. You confirm that the Draft Will is in order or give details of any alterations required.
  5. We will send you your Original Will along with full instructions on how to witness it correctly.

This service gives a cost effective, professionally produced Will with sensible advice and guidance.

Our charge is £50:00 per person per standard Will

(This fee applies to a Standard Will. If your requirements do not fit this criteria you will be informed.)

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