Review and Storage Service

We believe that there are four possible problems that you could face in the future even if you already have a Will.

  1. Data Protection. As time goes by this legislation makes it more and more difficult to trace assets.
  2. Changes to your Personal situation. We constantly come across people who have experienced changes in their circumstances but are not aware that a change in their Will is also required.
  3. Changes in Legislation. Frequent changes in legislation mean that it is very important to keep your Will fully up to date to ensure that your wishes will be carried out.
  4. Estate Preservation. This service will make you aware of any Inheritance Tax Liability you may have and keep you up to date with other subjects, such as Long Term Care costs, giving you the opportunity to make provision for these situations. (If this service is used there may be a charge for legal work other than alteration of your Will)

What does this include?

  • We keep your Will in safe storage until required. (You would be surprised what little damage it takes to make a Will invalid)
  • Any future alterations to your Will can be made free of charge. (This does not cover other legal work or return home visits)
  • We list your assets, liabilities and people that you wish to be informed in the event of your demise.
  • We gather in advance the personal information that will be required for probate, making it easier for your Executors at a time of distress. This information includes information such as National Insurance Number, full details of your funeral wishes and the provisions you wish to make for your pets.
  • On payment of your review fee we will send you a summary of your details, which will include your assets and liabilities and your contact list. We will also add any new questions we may need to ask you. On receipt of your returned review we will email you if we require any further clarification or questions that have arisen from your review summary. (Please note that this is an internet service only.)

We will contact your Executors and Guardians to:

  • Inform them that we are looking after your Will.
  • Describe exactly what duties they will be expected to carry out.
  • Give details of any financial provisions you have made for them whilst they are acting on your behalf.
  • Check to see that their details are correct.
  • Give them a chance to ask us any questions that they may have concerning their role.
  • Allow them to say “no” if they feel that the role is too demanding for them, rather than accept it in a half-hearted manner.

In the event of your demise we will supply your Executors with the following:

  • Your Original Will.
  • Probate documents to allow them to deal with your estate.
  • The list of people/associations that you wish to be notified of your demise.
  • Details of your assets and liabilities.
  • Details of your relevant personal information.
  • Professional guidance if required.

Our Storage & Review Service costs £35:00 per year commencing one month after your instructions are taken and collected annually. We feel that this service covers your future needs. Any additional services introduced in the future will also be offered to you.

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