Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

With the cost of a funeral rising every year, having a plan in place is a clever way of beating the increase of funeral costs, as well as making sure your family won’t be left with any unexpected bills.

In addition to saving money, funeral planning means that your family don’t have to make tough decisions in what already would be a difficult time. A Guaranteed Funeral Plan removes any uncertainty for your loved ones about your wishes, as well as giving them access to all the support, guidance and care of an experienced and respected funeral director.

A funeral costing £850 10 years ago would now cost nearer £2300 and with returns on savings as low as they are it could have been a wise investment.

With you being responsible for your care costs if your estate is over £23,500, purchasing a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan could be a wise estate reduction scheme.

Benefits of Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

  • Plans tailored to your needs
  • Guaranteed acceptance
  • No financial burden on your loved ones
  • No health checks
  • Aids Estate Protection
  • Independent trusts
  • Security of all funds
  • Easy pay instalments
  • 24 hour emergency helpline
  • Eco conscious ‘green’ funerals
  • Available throughout Europe
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